Monday, 27 September 2010

Life of a Sloth.

I had a dream last night that humans were Sloths. Creepy, yet amazing. They have 2/3 fingers, moving 2m per min- I think that's right-. Spending the majority of there days hanging upside down from a tree eating and sleeping. Sounds boring but a pretty sweet arrangement.

They are amazing, I want one, Christmas present anyone? I looked them up out of interest, to see if they were just in fact just lazy mammals. But no, It's all to do with metabolism. They have two compartments in there stomachs because there metabolism cant digest the food intake as fast as other mammals, it takes at least a month to digest. Thus resulting in them having little energy to move. Leaves, there main food source cannot provide the energy and nutrition they need to live in tropical Forrest's, sloths deal with this by body temperature. They now have a good excuse to be lazy...unlike us students.

Looking back at the picture, it does look like he is smiling, maybe a sloths life would be sweet.

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